Specialist 'Level 2' Training

Increase Your Reach and Relevance

The Growth Drive Playbook revolutionizes how you win and execute client engagements. Here's how you become a Certified Growth Specialist, with the skills every client needs (and that your competitors don't have).

Let's face it: clients only want 3 things. They want to grow profits, they want their business to be easier to run, and one day they want to cash out.

After completing this intensive 2 day workshop you will have the specialized expertise you need for leading clients from their status quo to their strategic goals.

The Workshop is Built on the Shoulders of Giants:

Course materials include these books and/or related resources

Live In-Person November 2022

GD Certified Specialist with CEO Tagline

After completing this workshop you will be a Certified Growth Specialist and will have demonstrated, in a collaborative and experiential workshop, the skills central to leading successful growth engagements delivering higher profits and transferable value. 

This workshop format is learn-by-doing, with students working in groups.

Come both prepared to learn and ready to share your expertise - the workshop only includes senior professionals like you who bring decades of experience to discussions and exercises. Growth Drive Specialists earn a leadership spot in the Growth Drive community.

Next Workshop: November 7-8 2022 live in Charleston SC. The workshop is part of the Growth Consulting Summit: details and register here


Your registration includes: access to the Growth Drive Launch Course video series, the Growth Drive Workbook, plus guided readings in Traction, Financial Intelligence, Million Dollar Consulting Proposals, The Culture Code, Exit Your Business & Protect Your Wealth and more. Complimentary breakfast and lunch provided both days.  

after you register: 

The team will contact you directly to confirm your shipping address and deliver your course materials package.

Why should you attend?

Learn skills for building a thriving consulting business in intensive workshops about: 

  • How to successfully start the business growth conversation
  • Writing effective engagement proposals
  • Performing a pre-due diligence style analysis of your client's business
  • Developing a winning Strategic Growth Project
  • Setting Objectives and Key Results that move your client forward
  • Leading your client as they execute their strategic plan 
  • and more


Still have questions about becoming a Certified Growth Specialist? book your 1-1 consultation here.


GD L2 Course Journey

Built on the Shoulders of Giants:

You will learn the 3 Dimensions of Business Growth methodology directly from Founder George Sandmann and a team of Senior Pros, leveraging the works of giants including:

Gino Wickman's Traction, Verne Harnish's Scaling Up, HBR's Financial Intelligence, Alan Weiss' Million Dollar Consulting Proposals and more.


3 DoG Pyramid with Value Growth

Next Growth Specialist Certification Workshop: November 2022

Please email and we'll add your name to the interest list.

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