Specialist 'Level 2' Training

NOVEMBER 15-16 2021 

Location: Riverside Hotel, Fort Lauderdale FL

Format: 2 Full Days, in person

Time: 8:00 - 5:00 ET with 1 hour lunch

Prerequisite: Growth Drive Fundamentals Course or NACVA Business Advisor Boot Camp

Seats limited seats to promote quality learning

Building on the Growth Drive Launch Course, you will learn key client-facing skills for successfully executing engagements creating predictable profits, growth and transferable equity value.

After completing this workshop you will be a Growth Drive Specialist and will have demonstrated, in a collaborative and experiential workshop, the skills central to leading successful growth engagements delivering higher profits and transferable value. 

This workshop format is learn-by-doing, with students divided into working groups.

Come both prepared to learn and ready to share your expertise - the workshop only includes senior professionals like you who bring decades of experience to discussions and exercises. Growth Drive Specialists earn a leadership spot in the Growth Drive community.

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3 DoG Pyramid with Value Growth

Plus: the Growth Consulting Summit is being held in the same venue on November 17-18. Click this link to register now!

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